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Escape Xperience

Escape Xperience - An outdoors Escape Room in Breda

With Escape Xperience, you will experience the city of Breda in a new, fun and interactive way. Our Xperience is like an escape room, but outside in the city! The app lets you walk through the city while solving puzzles and riddles. Each Xperience has an exciting storyline, where you help the protagonist escape or complete an urgent mission. It is a self-guided tour, so you can start whenever you are ready. More information about the games we offer in Breda can be found at the bottom of this page.

Breda is a city with a rich history and remarkable charm. As one of the largest cities in the province of North Brabant, Breda offers an inviting mix of historical splendour and contemporary vibrancy. With over 180,000 inhabitants, this city has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a downtown Escape Xperience!

What makes Breda extra special is its close connection with the historic House of Orange-Nassau. Breda Castle, formerly the Nassau's city palace, is one of the many examples of the historical connection with this royal family. The castle is a tangible reminder of the Nassau's influence on the city and their role in Dutch history.

Our Escape Xperience offers you the opportunity to explore Breda in a unique way, wandering through the streets once walked by William of Orange. Discover the vibrant city of Breda and be surprised by Breda's history and close ties with the Nassau's.

This Escape Xperience is currently only available in Dutch.
For more information about Breda, visit the VVV Breda website.

Our Escape Rooms in Breda

Breda - The Flight of William of Orange

During this Xperience, you will experience Breda in the year 1567. William of Orange must flee his castle and the city, as the army led by Spanish Duke Alva is approaching. William embarks on a quest through the city to find a valuable city map that contains crucial information for the recapture of the city. Will you manage to find the map and get Willem safely out of the city within 2 hours?


Start location Kasteelplein 10, 4811 XC Breda
Game duration 2 hours
Accessibility Wheelchair-friendly
Dutch English Spanish
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