Escape Xperience

A custom-made Escape Game

Escape Xperience offers companies and large groups the opportunity for a customised Escape Game, by tailoring the game to the needs of your group or organisation. Xperiences can be used, for example, as team outings or as a tool for onboarding new employees. We can also create a customised Escape Game for other large groups, such as family reunions. More information about our services can be found on the About Us page.

What are the possibilities?

We can develop an Escape Game at your location of choice, such as an office location. Core values and elements such as mission and vision can be worked into the storyline To finish it off, we will also place your company logo in the Escape Game. We take your input so that the introduction and final text are tailored to your needs.

To get participants even more excited, we can also create a ranking of the performance of the participating teams. Prizes can be awarded to the winning team, further encouraging cooperation and communication within the team.

Normally, there is a fixed start location, but that is not very convenient when several teams participate.
We can therefore create multiple routes for your personalised Escape Game, allowing several teams to start at the same time.

Finally, we can lead the teams to a fixed end point, so that the closing can take place together afterwards.


How does it work?

We will contact you by phone as soon as you express your interest in a customised Escape Game to discuss your requirements. Na dat gesprek maken we een inschatting van de hoeveelheid werk om het spel te ontwikkelen en stellen hiervoor een offerte op. Once both parties agree on the terms, we then schedule a meeting on location to determine the itineraries and tailor the story to the given requirements, and of course, the location itself.

Wondering what we can do for you? Then contact us via the contact form below!
It helps us if you indicate in your message what you roughly have in mind, what the main requirements are and the number of players you expect.

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